Our Team


Dr. Arica Zhong, Founder

“Dr. Arica Zhong, our esteemed founder, is a rare talent in the field of holistic wellness. As one of Canada’s distinguished Doctors of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM), her expertise is unmatched.

Dr. Zhong’s visionary approach and extensive knowledge set the highest standard for our center, ensuring that our clients receive care of the utmost quality. Her dedication to holistic healing and her rare qualifications make her a true leader in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”


Chen Han, Senior Associate

“Chen HAN, an integral member of our team, is a shining example of excellence. With an MBA from Macmaster University, one of the top three business schools in North America, Chen brings a level of education and expertise that goes far beyond industry standards.

His commitment to achieving the highest standards in his work reflects our center’s dedication to providing top-quality care and holistic wellness solutions. He is known among his clients for having a classical approach in his work while maintaining a gentle disposition.”

Are you a holisitic wellness practicitioner in search of new career opportunities?


We are looking for talented and capable individuals to expand our operations.
Give us a call if you think you’d make a good fit at Good Vibes!

What We Offer

Why Choose Us


accessible value-added care

Accessible value-added care that can be felt, seen and experienced.


Safe and welcoming community

Safe and welcoming community, a home away from home.


Clinically-proven modalities

Scientifically-backed methods to resolve physical, mental and emotional issues.

At Good Vibes TCM Healing Centre, we’re dedicated to empowering you on your path to vibrant health. Let’s co-create a life of well-being and vitality. Contact us today to start your personalized wellness journey!

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